Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Twelves Are Back In Town: Mezzanine on Friday

These guys rocked a sold out crowd at Mighty a few months and now Blasthaus is moving them up to Mezzanine this Friday. Check out the link on the right sidebar for a their legendary Essential Mix.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jonsi Live @ The Fox Theatre Oct 19th

Jonsi might not fit with the general theme of this site, but this show is a don't miss if you live in the Bay Area. His set at Coachella was one of my favorites and I couldn't be happier to see him at the historic Fox Theatre in Oakland. Tickets are on sale on Thursday

Tickets: Ticketmaster Link


BBC Radio One: The Best Out There

Two years ago I was introduced to BBC Radio One through their legendary Essential Mix show hosted by Pete Tong and I havent looked back since. What started as two flawless hours of mixing by MSTKRRFT has now become my go to radio station for music and I think this is something everyone should have. A blend of pop, hip hip, and electronic music, BBC Radio One has great music, no commercials, and incredibly interactive disc jockeys. There are multiple ways to get it.... and here are the two I use:

Sirius XM
Link: Sirius XM: BBC RadioOne
Delay: The pay service broadcasts Radio One on an 8hr delay
Cost: $8/month

Fstream Application
Delay: Broadcasts it live as if you were in London.
Cost: FREE

Download App and create a new station. Under URL enter: