Friday, October 16, 2009

Bad French Good Music - La Roux

K ill admit im kinda on a English fix at the moment but is that really such a bad thing? Coming in as one of the biggest artists of the first half of 2009, La Roux's talent and rise into the upper echelon of electronic music can be seen in the flock to remix her. And from one of dubsteps dirtiest Skream! to turntable champions Jack Beats, to Tiesto’s leading his huge weekly podcast with a remix by Dean Coleman & Nima Nas, djs all over the world have been taking her soft voice, cutting it up, and making some of the top dirtiest dance tracks. And at only 21 years of age you can expect a great future from Eleanor "Elly" Jackson.

La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream! Lets Get Ravey Remix)_(Buy)_
La Roux – Im Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)_(Buy)_
La Roux - Bulletproof (Foamo Remix)_(Buy)_


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Keeping It In The Family - Anyone Can DJ podcast vol. 1

We got here a 32min live set from our contributors Sean aka DJ Boludo/ Velocita/ or my personal favorite, Flaggg Burner. Clean mixing, great track selection, and a solid combination of punch you in the face beats and top notch vocals make this a great way to enjoy 1/48th of the day

btw. This is the beginning of mix series that will feature some of Los Angeles best unknown talents. Look down for the set and tracklist.

DJ Anyone Can DJ Podcast 2 by BauhausBeats

Fake Blood - The Dozens
Toxic Avenger - Trash Yourself (Kids at the Bar Remix)
Busy P - Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix)
Numro# - Star Model (Don Rimini Remix)
Felix Cartel - Skeleton (Pants Party Remix)
Fake Blood - Mars (Herve' Re-fit)
Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At? (Klaas Remix)
Smashing Pumpkins - Zero (Le Castle Vania Remix)
Crystal Castles - Crimewave (LA Riots Remix)
Daft Punk - Technologic (Kids at the Bar Remix)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (John Roman Remix)


Top Shelf - Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills can do no wrong. A team of award winning raw turntable talent, the record label that features the likes of Jack Beats, Fake Blood, Herve, and the highly anticipated colabo Machines Don't Care, the British label is on top of the world right now. A powerhouse of British fidget house, the label has also been key in helping bring dubstep kings like Skream! Caspa, and Joker to the world. If you have any doubts go back and listen to Fake Blood or Herve’s Essential Mixes’ think about how many hits are on them, and realize that they came out before you even knew what dubstep was. Both Essential mixes are in previous posts (below) and a while back so grab those too. If you like what you hear go and get their new release of Cheap Thrills: Volume 1

Fake Blood - The Dozens
Fake Blood - Mars (HERVE' Re-Fit)
Hockey - Song Away (Jack Beats Anger Management Remix)
Sneaky Sound Systems - When We Were Young (Sinden Remix)


Monday, October 12, 2009

Essential Review - The Best Ever - HERVE'

A lil bit of dubstep, a lotta dirty English electro, and insane dj skills puts Herve's Essential Mix at the top of my list. Having spent the last few weeks consolidating my music collection to help with the commute to work I'd finally narrowed it down between Fake Blood, MSTRKRFT, Crookers, and Deadmau5's Warehouse Project set but today, at the moment when he dropped Skream's "Lets Get Ravey" mix of La Roux's "In For the Kill" at the 70 min mark it just came to me. This was the best mix I'd ever listened to. The man behind Cheap Thrills Records has been a staple in the electronic music community for years and turned me on to the likes of Fake Blood, Jack Beats, and Sinden. World, if you don't already know the man get ready cuz he's about to go bonkers. Hopefully we can get him and the Cheap Thrills crew out to California soon but until then enjoy the hard drops and filthy beats.

Essential Mix-02-21-2009 by BauhausBeats

BBC RadioOne Essential Mix - HERVE'