Thursday, August 20, 2009

Music Videos Done Right

Lets face it, no one makes videos like electronic music artists. From Eric Prydz "Call on Me" to this new teaser from Calvin Harris video for "Ready for the Weekend", watching hot girls wearing very little clothing perform tasks while listening to great music is an unbeatable way to waste a few minutes. In Calvin Harris' "Ready for the Weekend" he takes it to the next level an incorporates the hot girls into the music making. Using some crafty science he is able to make music from the connection made between different body part and floor pads. Kinda hard to explain so your going to have to see the video, but bottom line; Calvin Harris is living the dream...Check out the videos below and mp3

Calvin Harris - Ready for the Weekend (Fake Blood Remix)(Click To Download)

Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Click to Download)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GET DOWN w/ Jack Beats

A few weeks back there was a discussion on a forum about who to see at HARD Summer; Crystal Castles or Jack Beats. Fighting over the same time slot, the sides were polarized against each other until one song got posted, Jack Beats – Get Down (VIP Edit) and the consensus shifted to the British duos way. The pair of Beni G and Plus One are award winning dj’s on their own and together one of London’s emerging dubstepish hardcore electro acts. With a score of original and remix hits, Jack Beats have solidified a place as one of England’s best and I cant wait from them to come back to Cali…

Jack Beats Exclusive HARD Mix (DOWNLOAD)

(NEW) La Roux – Im Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)

Jack Beats - Get Down (VIP Edit)

AC Slater – Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)

Project Baseline - Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats Remix)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Atlantis 2.0 - Felguk

In trying to find some more artists to see at Atlantis, I discovered Brazilian duo Felguk. Id describe them at a hardcore version of Deadmau5 with a little mix of late 90’s house and techno music. Most of their better stuff wasn’t available online so be sure to check out their Myspace if you want a better example of how good these guys are

Felguk – Jelly Jam (Original Mix)
Felguk – Buzz Me (Original Mix)

Stardust (Felguk Remix)
Felguk - Do You Like Bass 2009 (Original Mix)


Monday, August 17, 2009

DIDDY Does House Music

Somewhere around the globe MSTRKRFT is shaking their heads laughing. What started with “Bounce” feature NORE that garnered a good amount of mainstream playtime on the radio has now transformed into the king of pop music, Diddy, making a mixtape with legendary house producer/dj Felix Da Housecat under the name Lectro Black. Adding to it the growing popularity of massives like Electric Daisy Carnival and the Ultra Music Festival, its safe to say that electronic dance music has arrived home.

Put Your Hands Up….FOR DETROIT, A lovely city bahahahahaha



The Return of the Shrine - Atlantis

The Shrine Auditorium will always hold a special place in my heart. For one it was there every time I went to class at USC and for another it was the place where I fell in love with electronic music at HARD Summer and then Haunted Mansion last year.

After the debacle that was HARD Summer at the Forum and the announcement that the venue would be changing, many people have called on HARD to bring it back to the Shrine. After doing some research into where they could move it I discovered another event that is not only taking place at the Shrine, but also features one of my favorite artists, Klaas. I know I posted most of this music before when I did a feature on the Germany born artist, but this is just too good to miss. Tickets are only $40 and I'll be posting most music by other artists after some digging around tonight
Live @ Euforia Festival 2008
Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (Klaas Remix)

Jean Elan - Where's Your Head At? (Klaas Remix)

Micha Moor- Space (Klaas Remix)

Fentura - Live It (Klaas Remix)

Michael Mind - Ride Like the Wind (Klaas Remix)