Sunday, November 8, 2009

HARD Review

Dear GoVentures and all the people that went to MonsterMassive,

Both of us might have had a fun Halloween, but we had more of it. Here is Why...

Security: Professional and Fast. It took 5 min to get on Friday and 20 on Sat.
Production: Sound was top notch. Lighting and visuals solid. Definitely the best run highest quality HARD event to date.
Music: Quality. Over the 14hr period there wasn’t a single moment of disappointment or boredom

1. Basement Jaxx (Saturday):
The duo started with Disney hit “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” dropped Red Alert and threw it into dubstep heavy “When I Look At You.” Joining them on stage were Vula AND Slarta John from their live set that added flare and character to their set. It was the fastest hour and a half ive ever experienced. Highlight: Ending the set with "Wheres Your Head At?"

2. 2ManyDJ’s (Friday)
Class act. Throwing conventional out the door, the Dawale brothers played their live DVJ set at HARD Haunted Mansion and the djing world will never be the same. Instead of using cd’s, a laptop, or even vinyls, the Dewaele brothers used DVD’s. Yes, that’s correct, movies. And not just any dvd’s personalized videos for each track that featured custom animations on top of the musics album art. Highlight: Mixing Dolly Parton into Slayer

3. The Bloody Beetroots: (Friday)
Led with a new version of Warp that created a mash pit at a rave the set went old school 30min in and came together as one of the best sets ive ever seen. Highlight: “We Are From Venice” One of their first tracks, the classic song isn’t ravey but absolutely destroyed.

4. Modeselektor:
a. Didn’t know much about these guys before the event and figured id catch Zombie Nation instead. Friends led me to the biggest surprise of the festival as Modeselektor played a high energy minimalistic set (yea, doesn’t really make sense but it just works). Oh and there was an alien autopsy going on stage left which was triply as fuuuuck. Highlight: After sound was cut at 3:58 the guys moved the monitor speakers to the audience, turned it up, and kept playing. Fuck You sound guy, I wanna play

5. Danger
a. The perfect way to start what would be two incredible days of music. I don’t think the crowd really knew what was going on but I don’t give a shit cuz his set was dope. Highlight: Ending with his Sebastian Tellier remix of "Divine"

Deadmau5: Where was the energy from last year?
Major Lazer: My brain doesn’t like your music. Its tried three times and sorry. The stage antics aren’t my think either. Do as 2ManyDJ’s does, smile play your music and look classy.

One message was certain the entire weekend: HARD is back and NYE is next


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