Friday, September 4, 2009

Representing the RVA - CJ Milli Owns the Hour

Whether it was in middle school listening to the radio with my cassette tape cued up to record, or now when everything is just a right click download away, I’ve always been a fan of the mixtape. With the popularity of Myspace Music and the overall digitalization of the industry however, the internet has been flooded with a ton of mediocre material and great mixes are a dime a dozen. Once or month or so I find a mix thats worth talking about and ladies and gentlemen the mix below is the perfect example of a top notch production. In an age where many djs are regurgitating the hits, CJ Milli sets herself apart with her custom mash mixes and a consistent and powerful track list. Add to that the occasional rock vocal and the acapella verse that even the late DJ AM would be proud of. Keep it up and come out to Cali again soon

RPRSNT RVA - 60 Minutes with CJ


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