Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pioneer's Game Changer: The New CDJ-2000

Eight years ago when Pioneer released the CDJ-1000, they revolutionized the DJ industry. Today, they are doing it again with the release of the new CDJ-2000. This new deck will soon be the worldwide club standard. Most importantly, instead of bringing an expensive laptop to each show, the CDJ-2000 allows DJs to simply bring a flash drive or SD card loaded with their entire music library. Pioneer has struck gold here. At the high price point of $2,150, expect to see these turntables slowly make it into clubs over the next several months.

Rather than bore you with all the technical details, I'll highlight the most notable features:
  • Massive 6.1" LCD screen
  • Touchscreen "needle pad"
  • Ability to play songs from flash drives, SD cards
  • Native Serato, Traktor, Ableton Live support
  • Ability to network up to four players
  • Support for high-resolution audio


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