Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye does HARD

Whether they are still are still feeling the hangover from HARD Summer or they are upset over how HARD pulled a fast one by making people pay $40 extra to see the same headliners (over two days), many aren't happy and this events success is crucial for the company. Solution: Add Soulwax and make sure there are enough Secuirty guards....



  1. 2manydj and soulwax are the same artist.... just half the people or something?

  2. Soulwax is a live band that consists of Stephen and David Dawaele, Stefaan Van Leuven (bass + more) and Steve Slingeneyer (drums). The third video up top is Soulwax so check that out and u can see what I was talking about with a Soulwax add

    2ManyDJ's is a djset by the Stephen and David Dawaele. Its both of them playing on CDJ's which is really good, but the Live show from Soulwax would add a lot to the show

  3. Great stuff, thanks so much for dropping this!
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