Monday, September 21, 2009

I lay down some f**kin BASS!!!

Hello music lovers!

My name is Paul, and I have joined Bauhaus Beats! I am a musician and tech geek - so naturally most of my posts will relate to the fascinating and constantly evolving world of music and DJ technology. In college I studied Business, Entrepreneurship and Music Industry. Currently I work as a web developer, but music has always been a passion of mine. I started playing piano at the age of 5, and eventually picked up the clarinet, trumpet, and guitar.

I've spent the past few years DJing at clubs and private parties around Los Angeles. I've also been producing my own music including original tracks, remixes, and DJ mix sets. I love learning about new technologies, software, hardware, techniques, and everything else needed to make and share great music. While I try to be as open minded as possible about all the great tools available, my weapon of choice is definitely Ableton Live.

While my posts will usually relate to music technology, from time to time I will also drop some fat beats for all to enjoy.

Here's my first post: Pioneer's Game Changer: The New CDJ-2000

Here's my DJ website:

And a shameless plug for my new track, "Bass":

Download it here:
and on iTunes: Click here to download


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