Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Spectacle Downtown - DISCOTHEQUE

Coming into the event I had my doubts on the venue, being that its probably the worst reviewed place on Yelp and Citysearch that ive ever seen. Something about a tranny bar, waiting in line in an alleyway, and high cover charge were all put to rest when we showed up. Luckily Tom from HARD hooked it up with guest list so I avoided the $10 cover and only waited about 5min to get in but the line outside wasn’t too bad.

The first thing to say is that the place is HUGE. A converted 1920's theater, Club 740 is similar to Avalon in size, but also adds a large underground area for a second stage. When we arrived Classixxx was on the main stage so we checked them out, got drinks, and moved to the basement to see what Paul Devro and Mad Decent Records had to offer. First on was a local pair Robot Love who Ill admit was greatly impressed by. Getting their start at events like Danceism, they brought a great set and had people moving the entire time. While watching Robot Love I ran into Xavier Gassemann (Don Rimini) himself and chatted for a bit. A really nice guy who seemed a bit surprised to be recognized but we chatted about his last time in LA when he performed at Avalong and then about his upcoming projects. He also let it leak that he will be returning to Los Angeles in October for HARD Haunted Mansion...

Next we explored the venues balcony and ran into Tom from HARD. Got some great information how they came to be at Discotheque and downtown, what to expect in the future from HARD. After about 20mins Don Rimini came on so we moved downstairs to dance the night away

Rimini killed it. Always playing in the red, his sets bring an energy that I've only seen from the likes of the Bloody Beetroots. Another thing that sets him apart (and its kinda hard to explain) is his mannerisms while he plays. The way he interacts with the music and the crowd, be it arm movements, clapping, head bobbing, hiding from view, or whatever just makes it that much more enjoyable and he truly looks like he is having as much fun playing as we were dancing.

Only drawback was that the event didn’t get very crowded. Don’t know whether it was the 21+ or the new huge venue, but it woulda been greater if there had been more people there. Unfortunately I cant go next week for Busy-P and SebastiAn but rest assured there will be more stars in appearance as HARD Summer is the following day....


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