Sunday, August 9, 2009

HARD Redemtion Part 1:

So after an entire day of hearing people bitch about HARD Summer, Im over it. Yes, what happened last night sucks but if you knew anything about the industry you'd know this shit happens so get over it. Moving on HARD's next event is this Halloween. There were a few good things to come of last night, the first of which is the announcement of the lineup for HARD Haunted Mansion. In addition to HARD's resident Crookers and Steve Aoki, HARD ability to bring artist like 2MANYDJ's and Basement Jaxx to their events gives us an opportunity to catch some great artists who rarely venture across the pond. We also benefit from the termination of the partnership with the Forum. All over the internet people called foul when HARD announced the move there and it looks like they were right. The place sucks, so in the worst way possible, last nights failure benefits us in the long run as we no longer have to deal with that horrible place and Inglewood PD. Last but not least, lets look at this as the bad egg of the dozen and lessons can be learned. Take a hint from Insomniac and hire 20x as many security as needed so people can get in happily and the event can be run well. So yes, it does suck that last night happened, but lets look ahead to the party that will be HARD Haunted Mansion, realize that MonsterMassive is still worse, and lets go...

Here is some music/mixes from some artists you might not know a lot about...Enjoy


2MANYdj's Essential Mix Live @ Creamfields


Major Lazer Essential Mix July 2009


Buraka Som Sistema - New Mixtape



  1. amen! check out my post on the event.. falls along the same lines:

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