Sunday, August 9, 2009

HARD. fail

So HARD Summer is over. From the get go there were major issues with capacity and security never even let it really begin. Not a good way to start at a new venue, especially after announcing a start studded lineup for their next event to be held at the same location in October....

ciaotigaHardfest LA: riot cops in Inglewood! No thanks.... Just escaped from the Forum. Party is over, bad scene.

There are almost more questions raised then answered:
1. Will the people get their money back?
2. Will HARD stick with the Forum?
3. Is this the end for the HARD brand?

UPDATE: HARD was shut down by the Inglewood police....

UPDATE: HARD will be refunding all the tickets. Stay tuned to to see how you can get a refund. Good luck



  1. They broke with The Shrine for the Forum which was an epic fail. They broke with the Avalon for Club 740 which borders on a fail... What is happening? I'm so confused.

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