Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bloody Beetroots - ROMBORAMA

I got a copy from a friend who received it as a promo.... Having been a big fan of the Bloody Beetroots for over a year now I gotta say the sound stays true to their older work. Think more "Stomp Your Shoes" less "WARP 1.9". Also track 7: "Talking in My Sleep" is a rework of "Detroit" (Getto Edit) which is one of my all time favorite tracks. Can't wait to see them at HARD and again at Voyeur in San Diego to support Bob and Tommy for their great work (sorry I wont be hosting a link- but maybe if u post a comment with your email, ill send you a reward)

01. Romborama (ft. All Leather)
02. Have Mercy On Us (ft. C├ęcile)
03. Storm
04. Awesome (Feat. The Cool Kids)
05. Cornelius
06. It’s Better A DJ On 2 Turntables
07. Talkin’ In My Sleep (ft. Lisa Kekaula)
08. 2nd Streets Have No Name (ft. Beta Bow)
09. Butter
10. Warp 1.9 (ft. Steve Aoki)
11. Fucked From Above 1985
12. Theolonius
13. Yeyo (ft. Rawman)
14. Little Stars (ft. Vicarious Bliss)
15. Warp 7.7 (Feat. Steve Aoki)
16. Make Me Blank (ft. J. Davey)
17. House In
18. Mother
19. I Love The Bloody Beetroots
20. Anacletus